Does PhenQ function for both men and women?
Yes It works the same for both women and men. By way of example, individuals who have a high body fat percentage will probably see some stronger INITIAL outcomes with the usage of Phen-Q, whereas people with lower body fat percentages are going to have slower results at first. At the end of the afternoon, if you’re a guy or a woman, you will experience incredible results with this particular diet pill!

Concerning weight, the number of pounds can I lose using this Fat burner?
This varies for every person. Reason being, some people may incorporate dieting and improved physical activity together with routine use of this supplement. Both of these people (people that incorporate things like dieting and physical activity, and others which do not) will experience considerable weight reduction, which means you don’t have a thing to worry about! Let’s get down to the numbers, by an aggregate ordinary compiled from various there users, it’s very possible to lose anywhere from 15 pounds, all the way around 35 lbs PER MONTH!

Do I have to exercise to eliminate weight ?
Absolutely NOT! Even though if you do workout while taking this supplement, or participate in some sort of physical action, you may see faster results, by no means do you have to; you will still awesome results without physical action. In terms of weight which you have the potential to lose, if you participate in physical activity and dieting whilst using PhenQ, you’ll have the ability to see weight loss in the range of 20 pounds to 35 pounds per month. If you don’t take part in any exercising or dieting, you will notice results in the assortment of 15 pounds to 20 pounds each month; which in my opinion are still quite substantial. That is the main reason why we believe PhenQ is the ideal nutritional supplement on the market, without changing your lifestyle you may shed a lot of weight!

What should I be eating? Do I Have to diet?
Like I previously mentioned, you do not have to diet; but if you opt to diet you will most definitely see better results. In spite of a slight variation to your diet, you will see firsthand it eliminate your body fat on a new level! You don’t have to diet, rather just add or remove something from your diet. By way of example, instead of having that bag of potato chips along with your lunch, have a small bowl of fruit. Or, rather than the late night bowl of ice cream, have a bowl of frozen yogurt (taste exactly the same, however has much fewer calories). Straightforward replacements to your daily diet like these can help in your trip to losing weight!

Everyone I have spoken with regarding this was, at first, very skeptical of its abilities. After taking just one round of it, they were no longer skeptical, instead they became believers! This product has worked for me through simple testing periods and many others; there is absolutely no reason why it wouldn’t work for you!