PhenQ Testimonials

Hello again and welcome back to the PhenQ information site and full review. So far I do hope that the information I have been able to give you here about the PhenQ weight loss formula has been helpful in some way.

What I thought would be a great idea is to have some real testimonials on here from real people; these were actually taken from the official PhenQ site.

I do hope that the testimonials below help in seeing what is possible with PhenQ fat loss pills. There is currently no before or after photos available from the users. This is a new product of fat burning pills to the market.

Ashley, 21 lost 7 pounds and feels great

She stated that prior to using PhenQ she always hated to have her picture taken and would always position herself to hide behind other people in the photos. She would also hold her stomach in all the time and every time she would sit down she would cover her stomach with her arms to hide it. Now she is happy to say she doesn’t hide in photos and matter of fact she likes having her picture taken now.

Kimberly, 46 lost 27 pounds and has more energy

Kimberly said she has been overweight all her adult life but now for the first time that she can remember she does not have to shop in the Plus section for clothes now. She is spending more time playing with her grandkids because she has more energy to keep up with them now. “I feel like I’m in my twenties again!”

Michael, 30 has lost 32 pounds

Michael says he has always been a big kid. When he was younger that did not bother him much but when he started college he began to gain more weight. He battled with his weight as he would lose it and then gain it back again. Since he began taking PhenQ he is happy with his weight and feels his weight is right where he wanted to be all the time.

Jessica, 26 has lost 15 pounds

Jessica recently became a first time mom and never had the time or energy to lose the baby weight she gained. She says PhenQ made it easy to lose that extra weight. It helped her cut down on food and provided her with more energy. She is happy to report she has shed the baby weight after taking the pills in a few months.

Here is a video I found that will help show you how PhenQ is effective weight loss pills.

Okay so hopefully that some of the testimonials above helped you to better understand how good the PhenQ fat loss pills are. I thought that these would give you a real good idea about the success some users are having.

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